Prevention and management

Monitoring on site: Concentration, pH and hardness

Your production managers have other priorities that control the development of their machining fluids. It's a real commitment towards establishing partnerships that we offer predefined frequency monitoring of machine baths. Each machine is monitoring and is the subject of a detailed report. It includes measurements of refractometer concentration, pH and hardness. Through our observations, we educate all maintenance and production personnel with resources to develop in order to get the best value for your machinery fleet.  

Laboratory tests: Bacterial & fungicide development.

On demand or in case of suspicion, our laboratories will guarantee the scientific expertise of the following points.

Monitoring  Results Unit Method
Appearance Brownish o. E. RL 0001
Dispersion Dispersion still fine at E RL 0050
Odour Typical at E. RL 0005
Cream 1% at E. RL 0050
Value pH 7,7 at E. DIN 51369
Foam behaviour
3s = 0 ml // s RL 0011
Germs after 24 h : 10.7 KBE/ml RL 0059
Corrosion 4 o. E. DIN 51360/2
Nitrite Content
0 ppm RL 0124
Total hardness 6 °d RL 0124
Breaking 5,5 Volume % DIN 51368
Refraction (corrected) 4,8 Volume % RL 0027
Bore 5,0 Volume % RL 0124
KSS content
5 %  
Foreign oil
0,2 Volume %  


Comparative analysis: Monitoring the development of components and contamination.

You benefit from the expertise of Total laboratories, named ANAC, which offer us a multitude of benefits: Oil is the pointer to the health of your machines. The quality and accuracy of ANAC INDUS analysis brings visible benefits in increased maintenance and lubrication productivity and reduced costs: 


A specialised diagnosis of your service oils.

Analysis frameworks specifically tailored to different families of industrial oils: 

The results of these analyses are presented with a history of previous results, allowing you to monitor developments of your equipment with the ANAC website, you can benefit from a rapid consultation! Visit for more information.