For your various maintenance projects, we offer an assortment of oils and our own formula solutions or other lines from Total. 
Please see the list of available applications:


TOTAL Hydraulic fluids meet the requirements of the manufacturers' international standards and technical specifications.
Our product lines correspond to the classifications of the standard ISO 6743-4:
  • Class HM: AZOLLA range. Mineral fluids with good stability to oxidation and ensuring corrosion and protection against material wear.
  • Class HV: EQUIVIS and HYDROFLO ranges. Fluid properties of the HM class supplemented by a high viscosity index, for use at low temperatures.
  • Classes HETG, HEES: BIOHYDRAN range. Biodegradable fluids recommended for equipment operating outdoors, in order to limit the environmental impact of accidental spills.  



CARTER, KASSILA and NEVASTANE oils are designed to lubricate gears. Numerous parameters must be taken into account when selecting a lubricant for the gear unit:


Rail products

Rails Products from the DROSERA line are dedicated to the lubrication of machine tools.

Different viscosity grades available allow for lubricating a wide variety of mechanical components :


Compresseurs d'air

The DACNIS line is formulated according to the requirements of manufacturers in order to optimise the operating efficiency of air compressors.


Heat transfer fluids

Heat transfer fluids SERIOLA and JARYTHERM cover a wide variety of applications: Domestic and industrial heating of premises, manufacturing processes in cement, paper, chemical and plastics processing, facilities and combining cycles of heating and cooling.  


Turbine oils

PRESLIA oils are intended for lubrication of steam and gas turbines, and combined cycles. Their formulation is the result of a long experience and meets the most stringent specifications of the manufacturers


Chain lubrication under high temperature


Insulating oils

Isovoltine insulating oils: Transformers, circuit breakers, contactors and all high-voltage electrical switchgear.    


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