This is only an overview of the range, other products are available on request. We can also offer special intervention kits.


Roller (carpet)

  • MRE5050 or MRE9050 :

    Gray traffic roller carpet for polyester and viscose maintenance. Suitable for all non-aggressive fluids used in the industry. Extremely resistant in 4 layers, ideal to be placed on walkways around machinery. Its high absorption capacity enables slippery and dangerous floors to be avoided. In addition, it allows "A pleasant and clean working environment” to be ensured. The MRE9050 or MRE5050 can be cut to size and can be folded into the shape of a strip or cushion in order to be placed in difficult-to-access areas. 2 dimensions: - 50 cm x 50 m / 11,5kg / Absorption: 100 litres. - 90 cm x 50 m / 20kg / Absorption: 170 litres.


Pellets - PYROSOLS

Vegetable absorbent consisting of spruce pellets having undergone a fire protection treatment (does not ignite). These are pinkish solid granules with a granular size of 0.5 to 2 mm.
  • Presented in bags of 7.5 kg for a total volume of 45 litres.
  • Very efficient absorbing properties per bag
    - Water: 30 litres
    - Oils: 32 litres


Absorbent for maintenance, very effective to absorb leaks for all non-aggressive liquids.
  • Cartons of 20 strips of 120 cm x 8 cm diameters
  • The absorption capacity is 80 litres per carton
  • Also available in cartons of 8 strips of 300 cm

Sheets - Versiroll

Absorbent with a good quality / price ratio.
Universal grey absorbent roller in a centrally perforated polypropylene in the width direction and at every 42 cm in the length direction. 
  • Dimension of 44 m x 48 cm. You therefore have 210 sheets of 24 cm x 42 cm.
  • Suitable for all types of liquids, even dangerous liquids.
  • It can be used as carpets, sheets or wiping rags.
  • Absorption of 92 litres per roller is possible.         


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