We offer a wide range of greases. 

  • Aluminium complex
  • Lithium calcium
  • Polyurea thickeners
  • Calcium sulphonates
  • Lithium calcium complex

The most common:

Multis EP 000 at 3  
Multifunctional Li/Ca grease for the lubrication of all loaded mechanisms. It helps streamline inventory and simplify maintenance operations.

Lical EP                   
Multifunctional extreme pressure for any application where water is in frequent contact with the grease: joints, rims, gears and bearings. Excellent results in dry and polluted environments. 

Multis Complex EP
Grease Li complex extreme pressure, for high temperatures and high speeds. It is recommended for wheel bearings, ball bearings, roller bearings, smooth bearings, seals,...

Ceran XM               
new GENERATION of sulfonate grease complex calcium soaps developed by TOTAL Lubrifiants. This new thickener has improved water resistance properties, load carrying capacities, thermal and corrosion properties while maintaining excellent pump ability and excellent lubricity even at high speeds.